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Move Out Cleaning Company Beaverton

Move In Cleaning Beaverton OR

Get Professional Help With a Move-Out Cleaning Company!

Moving out is tough. Who knew we had so many glass trinkets that require padding and careful placement? And after all that meticulous packing and lifting, we still have to return to an empty house to scrub and vacuum out the final remnants. Cut out that final chore and get on to the next chapter sooner with PDX Cleaning‘s professional move out cleaning in Beaverton.

We know how time-sensitive moving can be. That’s why we offer move out/move-in cleaning as a separate service. We have a sizeable team of dedicated cleaners, which means we are able to accommodate tight-schedules while delivering superior results. And if you’re not 100% satisfied with your moveout clean, we’ll return within 24-hours to make it right.

Ready for a Break? We Take Care of the Cleanup after You Move

Our cleaners are professional, so you never need to worry about quality. We promise:

  • All cleaners are committed to their jobs and have been background checked and recommended by their former employers.
  • Our cleaners take pride in their work and fix problems reported within 24 hours at no extra cost.
  • To use only safe, effective, commercial-grade non-toxic products.
  • We are bonded, licensed, and have been delivering the best housekeeping in Portland for over 15 years.

Move Out Cleaning Beaverton

Expedite the purchase or rental of your property with a thorough cleaning job!

Navigating the inspection process is a shared experience for both renters and landlords, a ritual that often carries a weight of apprehension and expectation. The arrival of that letter in the mail, the one that informs you of the fate of your security deposit, can evoke a mix of emotions from disappointment to frustration. It’s a moment where the efforts to maintain and care for the property over the duration of the lease are put under scrutiny.

As we prepare to complete the move-out cleaning duties, it’s essential to align expectations. Your standards as the tenant may differ from those of your landlord, and vice versa. However, our commitment remains steadfast – we’ll ensure that the job is executed to specification, leaving no room for ambiguity or dissatisfaction.

In the whirlwind of moving, it’s easy to overlook certain areas that demand attention. From the often-neglected oven and fridge to the less conspicuous corners like ceilings and light fixtures, our keen eye for detail ensures that no spot goes unnoticed. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness, diligently checking every nook and cranny to restore the property to its original state.

Moreover, our dedication to transparency means that if we spot anything not on your checklist that could benefit from a little extra care, we’ll promptly bring it to your attention. Our goal is not just to meet expectations but to exceed them, ensuring that you leave the property with peace of mind and a sense of fulfillment.

In essence, our approach to move-out cleaning transcends mere tasks; it’s a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. So, as we embark on this journey together, rest assured that your rental property is in capable hands, and we’ll spare no effort in delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Call us for moving clean-out services that raise the standards on “thorough”

Clean means more than just “looking” clean. It’s a feeling. And cleaning well means others can walk into a room and know that it’s well taken care of because it looks, smells, and feels that way. We are committed to creating and maintaining clean, healthy environments for Beaverton residents and recent transplants alike. Say hello (or goodbye!) to your newly cleaned home!

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