Window Cleaning Vancouver WA

Window Cleaning in Vancouver WA

Professional Window Cleaning for Vancouver, Washington Homes and Offices

When it comes to professional janitorial service, PDX Cleaning doesn’t leave out the windows!

Window cleaning is an often neglected part of housekeeping. And we believe that no home or office is truly clean without clean windows. If you’re a homeowner or businesss owner you need window cleaning in Vancouver, WA, call us.

We offer comprehensive cleaning services for homes and offices that doesn’t stop at the basics.

We also offer carpet cleaningmove-out cleaning, and porter services.

Having offered over fifteen years of cleaning service in the Vancouver area, we know how to get your windows clean and streak-free affordably.


We keep in contact through the whole process – letting you know how long it will take to clean your windows and what procedures we use to get them blemish-free.


Vancouver WA Window Cleaners

Window Cleaners who Remove Dirt and Buildup Without Leaving Streaks

In the Northwest we need all the help we can get to allow sun to shine into homes and offices.

Dirty windows not only dull the sunlight coming through, they imply that the overall cleanliness of a home is being neglected.

Our guaranteed window cleaning professionals know what it takes to safely and thoroughly clean windows.

We are able to clean glass without leaving scratches or streaking. And our services include inside and outside windows but we can tailor it to your needs. If you prefer to have only the outside cleaned, we are happy to take care of that for you.

Whatever your window cleaning needs, we can find the package to fit your needs.

Does PDX Cleaning wash multi-story exterior windows?

Yes! PDX Cleaning offers commercial and residential exterior window cleaning for single story and multi-story buildings.

Our professional window cleaners are trained and carry the right equipment to safely and thoroughly clean exterior windows – no matter how long the dirt and waterspots have been building up!

Call us today for year-round window cleaning service in Vancouver, Washington.

How does PDX Cleaning wash windows and sliding doors?

Our window team is equipped with special commercial squeegees with pivoting heads (called “wagtail” or “pivoting” squeegees) on long extenders to reach the tops of windows quickly and efficiently. We use detergents that grab dirt and water spots without leaving any residue and use techniques that help us avoid missing any areas or tight corners.

After washing the windows, we thoroughly dry the glass, frame, and sills to make sure no water drops or moisture is left behind.

We take great care of our tools to ensure they don’t scratch the windows or compromise the quality of our cleaning work.

Have Your Windows Cleaned With a Written Guarantee

Like all our cleaning services, if you are not completely satisfied, call us within 24-hours. PDX Cleaning will send someone right out to make sure your specific window cleaning specifications have been met.

The products we use are effective, fast drying, streak-free, and eco-friendly. We use only natural products that cause no threat of harm to your health or that of the environment.

As a full-service cleaner, PDX Cleaning doesn’t stop at just the glass in your windows. We will dust the sills and clean the grime that builds up in the crevices around windows. This area that is often exposed to condensation is ripe for mold and mildew.

Our window cleaning service will rid your windows of this health hazard. The products we use are safe on the wood and will add a protective layer, saving it from possible future water damage.

Call PDX Cleaning today for a free, no-pressure quote on your window cleaning needs. Our cleaning professionals are happy to discuss different options.

Whether you need ongoing, regular window cleaning, one-time cleaning, or something in between, we can find the right window cleaning package to fit your budget.

Call us at (360) 931-0939

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