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House Cleaning in Vancouver WA

Aiming to Please with Our Outstanding House Cleaning

At PDX Cleaning we aim to please. Our services for house cleaning in Vancouver, WA include a wide range of janitorial services and price-points to meet all your cleaning needs.

We offer affordable, reliable, safe cleaning solutions because our goal is to keep your home safe from germs, grime, and harmful cleaning chemicals. Trust our team to only use the safest green products in your home.


We find the perfect balance between products that leave no harmful residue and yet are still effective at killing germs and bacteria.


Vancouver WA House Cleaners

How Much Does Oustanding Residential Cleaning Cost?

PDX Cleaning offers a variety of cleaning packages. We work with you to find a house cleaning schedule that matches your requirements as well as your budget.

As licensed and bonded professionals with excellent referrals. So, you can trust us to clean when you are home, or leave us a key when you are not. Whichever works best with your schedule and preference.


Our goal is to find every possible way to make your house cleaning experience a positive and convenient one.



What types of cleaning solutions and supplies does PDX Cleaning use?

  • Though we can’t give away our trade secrets, we can tell you that our janitorial products are commercial-grade, environmentally safe, and tested for effectiveness.
  • Our vacuums are also commercial-grade, meticulously maintained, and replaced with clean bags between each house.
  • We avoid cleaning products that cause harm to the environment.
  • PDX Cleaning selects cleaning products and methods that are proven effective at removing stains and bacteria.
  • When you walk into a room cleaned by PDX Cleaning, there will be no harsh chemical smell in the air, no ugly residue on smooth surfaces, and no personal item out of place.


Just as dust and bacteria can cause illness, so can chemicals. We are dedicated to finding a balance that performs on both levels. At PDX Cleaning, we care about your health as much as making your home impressively clean.


What if there is a mistake or damage after my house has been cleaned?

PDX Cleaning takes every measure to ensure that our house cleaners do not make mistakes or cause damage. However, if something in your home is damaged on account of our housekeeping, please call us right away. We are an insured and bonded cleaning company, which means that we can take care of any damage that occurred on our account.

How does PDX Cleaning guarantee its cleaning services?

Great question! Our house cleaners know how to deliver excellent cleaning service, every time. And another way we meet your needs is with our cleaning guarantee.

If you are at all unsatisfied, call us within 24-hours and we will return and get the job done to your the way you want it. All our house cleaning professionals are thoroughly trained and experienced, so expect the problem to be solved quickly and correctly.

Will the same person clean my home every time?

We make every effort to maintain consistency in service. That means the same person, or team of cleaners, will arrive at your home for each scheduled visit. If your regular house cleaner is unavailable, we will let you know before the next visit.

We are more than happy to make adjustments to your cleaning dates if a scheduling conflict is the reason your regular cleaner cannot make it.

We realize preferences change. Feel free to let us know if at any point your cleaner is not meeting your expectations.

Call for One-Time or Routine Cleaning in Vancouver, Washington

When you call us, you will be getting a cleaning service with 15 years of house cleaning experience right here in Vancouver, Washington.

We are familiar with the specific requirements for cleaning in the wet climate of the Northwest and our cleaners are experienced in looking for mold and mildew as they clean, making sure to rid your home of these health hazards.

Our house cleaning, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning services are affordable and competitive. Give us a call today for a free in-home estimate. Let us come up with a cleaning plan and schedule that fits your lifestyle.

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