Carpet Cleaning Vancouver WA

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Homes and Businesses

When home and business owners need carpet cleaning in Vancouver, Washington that’s easy on the environment and hard on dirt, they call PDX Cleaning for comprehensive janitorial service.

Carpet cleaning Vancouver WA
Our eco-friendly products are non-toxic and do not leave a harsh chemical smell. They keep people and pets safe, the environment free from harm, and carpets clean and sanitized.

Regular cleaning does more than just keep it looking clean, it reduces the risk of allergies and other health risks. At PDX Cleaning we keep your carpet free from these health hazards while using only safe cleaning products.

Cleaning Carpet the Right Way

PDX Cleaning’s carpet service aims to be as noninvasive as possible. We leave minimal moisture behind so your carpets will be dry and ready to use in a short time. Both the cleaning products we use and the low moisture left behind reduce any risk of mold or mildew developing.

Our carpet cleaning professionals care for your carpet, keeping it safe from stretching and other damage that can occur if the work is not done right.

And with nearly 15 years of carpet cleaning expertise in the Vancouver, WA area, our technicians provide carpet cleaning with guaranteed satisfactory results.

What to expect from your carpet cleaning appointment:

  • On-time arrival
  • Technicians who wear shoe covers upon entering your home
  • Furniture moved using carpet sliders so not to leave marks
  • Pre-vacuuming to remove debris
  • Cleaning agent application
  • Hot water rinse/vacuum
  • Carpet grooming where needed
  • Air movers to help dry the area
  • Final inspection

How long does it take for a freshly cleaned carpet to dry?


Carpet dry time is around 3-5 hours, generally.

Our carpet cleaners do their best to ensure that you don’t have to wait long to walk on your newly cleaned carpet. We use specialized equipment to extract excess moisture from the fibers and air movers to encourage evaporation, but exact dry time depends on the carpet material.

Which types of carpeting are easiest to clean?


Nylon and nylon-like fiber carpets are the easiest to keep clean

Nylon carpets are by far the easiest to clean. They stand up to wear, resist abrasion and stains, and look great for longer regardless of use.

Carpets and rugs by Sonora or Mohawk use Nylon-like fibers are also both stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Which types of carpeting are hardest to clean?


Wool and Olefin are the very high-maintenance carpet materials

Any carpet that is large-looped, such as Olefin or polypropylene, is going to be difficult to keep clean even though they are stain resistant and anti-static. Wool carpets are also hard to keep clean and require special carpet cleaning solutions and methods.

Customized Treatments for All Types of Carpeting Materials

When you have more than the general wear and tear that leaves a carpet looking worn, PDX Cleaning can help. Our carpet cleaning service includes special treatment for pet urine, difficult spill stains, and odors.

We clean down to the matting, ensuring that stains and odors are thoroughly removed.

We leave your carpets smelling fresh and looking clean, without any harsh chemicals that can themselves be health hazards.

Affordable Carpet Cleaners in Vancouver, Washington

As a leader in full-service house cleaning, PDX Cleaning has affordable carpet cleaning solutions. Contact us today to discuss our carpet cleaning packages.

Whether you are moving out of a home and working to get your full deposit back, planning to entertain for an event or want regular carpet cleaning to keep your home clean and free of health threats, we have a package that works for you.

All of our general cleaning, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning services are offered at an affordable, competitive rate. At PDX Cleaning we have the cleaning service package to fit your needs and budget.

Carpet cleaning Vancouver Washington