Janitorial Service Vancouver WA

Janitorial service Vancouver WA

Janitorial Service

PDX Cleaning‘s janitorial service in Vancouver, WA is designed to keep your business looking its absolute best at all times. We work hard to get the job right the first time so you can do your work in a clean, healthy environment. Did you know that having a cleaner work environment means less sick-days?

Regular cleaning of carpets and surfaces reduces dust, bacteria, and even allergens that insects and rodents can leave behind. With fresher air and cleaner surfaces employees and clients alike will enjoy an easier space to breath. Additionally, pathogens left on desks, hand rails, doorknobs, etc. are eliminated through regular cleaning, leaving less opportunity for a cold or flue season to wipe-out your workforce.

Our products are all safe and eco-friendly. Not only do they keep your work environment safe from harmful chemicals, they also have minimal-to-no effect on the environment. With PDX Cleaning’s janitorial services in Vancouver, WA you can ensure your employees you have their health and safety in mind.

Our janitorial services includes carpets and floors, bathrooms, removing garbage, kitchens, dusting, wiping furniture down, and more. We can tailor our cleaning to fit whatever your office needs may be.

Schedule Your Janitorial Service

PDX Cleaning handles a wide variety of cleaning and janitorial services, and we can set up a unique schedule that works for you and your business. We also offer different service packages so you can find one that fits your needs while not taking a bite out of your budget. Offices large and small trust PDX Cleaning for their janitorial service in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding cities. With our satisfaction guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

At PDX Cleaning all our staff are cleared through a thorough background check and also have the training and experience to get the job done right. We hire only the best. All our staff have an eye for detail and are proud of the work they do. As a locally-owned and operated business, we care about you. Our business understand the janitorial needs of your business. We thrive by helping you thrive.

For the trusted name in janitorial service Call PDX Cleaning today.

When you want an affordable. trustworthy, hardworking janitorial service that covers all your office cleaning needs, PDX Cleaning is the company for you.

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Janitorial Service Vancouver Washington

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